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Gordon T. Herrin, Esq.


Good Enough is Never Good Enough” It’s a motto that drives Gordon T. Herrin’s personal injury law firm in Covington. When his family settled in St. Tammany Parish in the late 1800s, they brought with them a brawny work ethic that was carefully instilled in each successive generation. Gordon Herrin is no exception. He works tirelessly to protect his clients and ensure that insurance companies honor their contracts.

“Americans pay over $650 billion a year in auto and property premiums. Insurance companies should gladly abide by their contracts and pay medical bills or hurricane repairs. But, they don’t. That is where I come in. I force them to honor their own contracts or deal with me at trial.”

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An accident can change your entire life. Sometimes temporarily-sometimes permanently. Accidents can leave you with the heavy burden of medical bills and lost wages. You may find yourself unable to work and care for your family. The financial consequences can be devastating.

Louisiana Auto Accident Attorney

18-Wheeler Accidents

Together, I-10 and 1-12 run the entire width of the state of Louisiana. The interstate highways are heavily used by 18 wheelers and commercial trucks. 1-12 is routinely ranked as one of the top ten deadliest interstates in the country. 

Motorcycle Accidents

With little protection for the occupants, motorcycle accidents are among the most catastrophic personal injuries in Louisiana. Common injuries include severe burns, broken bones, and even death. Recovering from a motorcycle accident can take years, and in some cases, a lifetime. 

Bounce House/Inflatable Injuries

Bounce houses are becoming a popular staple at children’s parties and familyfriendly events. Young children love soaring through the air, bouncing, and doing it all again. While bounce houses and inflatables often provide lots of fun, they also pose a danger. 

Hurricane Claims

Would you like to know more about your rights as a storm damage policyholder after your insurance provider denied, undervalued, or delayed your claim? You can start by calling 985-888-5112 and scheduling a case evaluation by Gordon Herrin. He will review the key details of your policy and any letters from your insurer to determine if you should be pursuing an appeal or lawsuit.  Get an honest evaluation of your hurricane claim.


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